Meet our lovely team

Ashraf Talaat

Founder / CEO

Mohamed Sallam


M. El-Domiaty

Operations Manager

M. El-Refaie

IT Manager

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What STEBN will offer.

  • The company does not provide just healthy and environmentally way to move, but it’s cheapest, faster on busy roads and over favorite for routs less than a kilometer and new lifestyle.
  • The company works to provide stations with the best bikes in terms of comfort and ease for driving and safety as well as rates of luxury bikes with attractive colors.

Another features we offer

Customer can customize the height of bike chair to be appropriate for almost sizes.

Attention to maintenance and cleaning for the stations and bikes makes it ready to use all the time.

STEBN works on the expansion of the spread of stations in different areas to meet the needs of the people.

Monthly events to spread the culture of cycling and ride bicycles learning sessions.